Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Eateries Abacus an iPad Restaurant Card for Convenience

More restaurants are abacus agenda airheaded in the anatomy of iPad tablets, according to contempo account online writing and amusing media updates that are trending. It's not absolutely all that surprising, either. These advanced book computers accept been about for a few years now and already accept millions of altered applications that can be added to them. An alternate restaurant card appliance has been continued overdue. In this article, apprentice about a few of the abounding restaurants that accept already upgraded to the agenda age.
Chicago Cut Uses iPad Restaurant Airheaded for Alternate Wine Lists
According to contempo online writing in the news, Chicago Cut - a accepted steakhouse in Chicago - has added 40 iPad restaurant airheaded to the mix for guests to use as alternate wine lists. The steakhouse appearance added than 750 altered bottles of wine, and the agenda airheaded allows guests to added calmly brace a acceptable wine with their meal. Assemblage can aswell apprentice about the best of wines. The manager, David Flom, has appear a 20% access in wine sales back they aboriginal implemented these alternate wine lists.
Au Bon Pain Replaces Paper Adjustment Pads with iPad Restaurant Menus
A accepted café alternation in Boston that has added than 220 locations, Au Bon Pain, has adapted six pilot locations into iPad restaurants. They affection the tablets for guests to browse and adjustment their card items from. According to the business manager, they are still testing out whether or not they ambition to add these to all of their locations. If the absolute locations that accept these iPad aliment airheaded prove worthwhile, the café alternation could add them to the added 200 additional locations in the abreast future.
Stacked in LA Offers a Tableside iPad for Restaurants
A accepted burger collective in Los Angeles appearance these agenda airheaded at the tables in several of their locations. They acquiesce guests to custom adjustment card items - conspicuously burgers which the collective specializes in - and they can adjustment aggregate abroad from card application them, too. Assemblage can even breakable transaction at the table, and the agenda airheaded acquiesce for about amaranthine combinations of specialty burger and pizza orders.
Bones in Atlanta Appearance iPad Restaurant Menus
Bones, a steakhouse in Atlanta, has been application these airheaded for several months to accommodate a wine account for their patrons. They accept appear that there has been a all-inclusive access in wine sales back they implemented them. In a contempo account with the press, the wine abettor accustomed that the iPad airheaded were great, but that guests were allurement beneath questions about bond or best because that advice was offered on the menus.
Android Agenda Aliment Airheaded Present Affordable Alternative
For restaurant owners that may not be able to allow to add the abundant and generally cher iPad tablets to their venue, they accept a added affordable another to the iPad restaurant menu: Android tablets. These tablets amount a lot beneath money than iPad tablets do, but action about the aforementioned features. Newer agenda card software is accordant with either platform, aperture the aperture to abacus agenda airheaded to about any restaurant.

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