Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Achieve an Orgasm At the Same Time As Your Partner

How to reach orgasm at the same time as your partner is a question I get asked a lot. And .. well, there are no hard and fast rule that you need to orgasm at the same time as a couple.

But, you can not deny that the concept has been romantic in the movies, pussy, books and more. We all have witnessed the coolest actor in the film and even the regular xxx  porn grunting, groaning and moaning at the same time she carelessly leaves a scratch on his back, as he scales the height of pleasure.

Now, you can honestly say that you never want to do that with your partner?

There is a shame if you have - after all, sex-drive is the drive we have the strongest, even stronger than the urge to defend yourself if you look at how men and women behave recklessly their need for sexual itch to scratch.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Using Connection With Nail Keling

       Rivet is one of the connector or steel profiles, in addition to bolts in the weld. Rivets consist of a short steel malleable and shaped hemisphere bowl. At the moment in a state of plastic rivets, rivet hit with a hammer so it will form a head again on the other side. And usually, the rivet will expand to fill the entire hole. The use of rivets as a means of connecting more rigid when compared with the use of bolts. You can learn more about planning a connection profile using the tool steel rivets connecting.

        In general, rivets are used to rivet the steel structure is installed in the garage and rivets are installed in the field. As explained above, rivets consist simply of a short steel, malleable and shaped hemisphere bowl. But it can also head of the rivet-shaped bonggolan. At the time of the rivet is in a plastic, rivets hit with a hammer so it will form a head again on the other side, and rivet it expands and fills the entire hole.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Efficiency Optimization Method Based On Radial Basis Function Neural Network In The Induction Motor Drive As A Ship Electrically Powered Propellers

This study developed a method of control of the driving engine / electric-powered propulsion of ships. The driving engine in this study has a propeller Fixed Pitch Propeller (FPP) which is set using the rotation axis induction motor. The method aims to control the speed rotary shaft at the same time optimizing the efficiency of electric motors driving the propulsion load varying.

Efficiency of optimization methods pursued through three major stages. In the first phase done modeling input-output relationship of control systems and stability analysis of electric-powered ship propulsion systems. The analysis showed that the ship propulsion systems based on shaft speed control is a stable system with 30 dB Gain Margin, Phase Margin 80 ° and tolerance Gain additional 34 systems.

In the second stage is designed rotor resistance estimator of induction motors. Estimator is required because of its location on the rotor, can not be measured and its value varies with temperature as an induction motor. This estimator works using information measurements of voltage, stator current and shaft speed. In this study the resulting contribution of adaptive computing to track the actual value of rotor resistance. Adaptive method is used for calculating the position of the rotor flux angle. This strategy can reduce the tracking time span of 1:42 minutes on conventional methods to 3:39 seconds.
In the Three Phase Induction Motors efficiency to be optimized. Efficiency optimization done by regulating the rotor flux. Rotor flux can be set via the d-axis stator current.

Algorithms Neural Nets (ANN) type of Radial Basis Function Neural Network (RBFN) was developed to determine the d-axis stator current optimum. To see the benefits of the method developed, RBFN method is compared with existing models. RBFN method could improve efficiency, particularly at the shaft speed of 3.2 revolutions per second, where the induction motor efficiency can be increased from 26.86% in the conventional method to 62.05% in the RBFN method. Based on the scenario selected trips, on ships 400 DWT, increased efficiency is equivalent to 17 532 kWh of energy savings. Increased efficiency is equivalent to fuel savings and emission reductions Liter 3059.86 6085.36 kg-CO2 gas.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Saints Country

After the devastation Hurricane Katrina left on New Orleans years ago, my husband and I had spent many months in the region helping re build. It had all been a labor of love and we found ourselves falling deeply for the city and its people. After some time, we decided to find a home to rent so we could spend more time there helping out and vacationing. I was more than pleased with our tiny little 2 bedroom bungalow and found ways to make it feel like home away from home. I contacted New Orleans Satellite TV and got a great package to help us kick back and unwind after a full day of either helping out or soaking up the culture. It is so nice having a place like this to call our own and I could see us easily making this a permanent home for us in the years to come. We’ve made so many friends and we feel it was our calling to come and help when so many people needed it. It feels like a true blessing came from such a terrible act of nature. We found our calling and we found a city that we love more and more everyday.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Have Fun with the Real Photofunia

You may have heard that today there is one great online service where you can really play with your pictures. Yes, it is indeed true that you can do almost everything that you want in Photofunia. But still, be careful of some photofunia similar sites, which seem to offer some fun for you to have with your picture, but not as great as what you will have with the real Photofunia.

You can start by adding some photofunia new effects 2012, which has just been added into the tray for anyone daring to be creative enough to add ‘something and something’ in the pictures, so that it becomes the special ones. Or, you can also check the collection of photofunia 2013 effect, which offer you more and more selection of effect to apply in your pictures.

Monday, March 5, 2012

5 Main Ecommerce Solutions To Help Today's Online Merchant

The following article covers a topic that has recently moved to center stage--at least it seems that way. If you've been thinking you need to know more about it, here's your opportunity.

Now that we've covered those aspects of 5 Main Ecommerce Solutions To Help Today's Online Merchant, let's turn to some of the other factors that need to be considered.

Want to set up an online store but don't know where to start? Take it easy; there are plenty of ecommerce solutions for the online merchant today.

What is it that the typical online store needs? Easy accessibility to products, an online catalog of all available products, an online shopping cart that multiple items can be added to, and an effective payment and delivery solution - these are the basics needed in a nutshell.

Sound way too complicated? The good news is that an ecommerce solution can make the online merchant's life a whole lot easier, and it's not that complicated to find the right solution.

5 Ways in which Ecommerce Solutions Help the Online Merchant

Ecommerce helps in the following main ways. It:

• Provides a shopping cart that can be incorporated onto your already existing site. A shopping cart software is easily downloadable or is able to be logged into via online access, and can be customized to meet your site's needs.

• Helps the site connect with major credit card gateways. This is especially important so that the shopper is given as wide a choice of payment options as possible.

• Allows the solution to be added to more than one site. What if there's more than one site owned by the
same merchant? A good ecommerce solution would allow the merchant to add it to the entire existing site, so that separate purchases of the software don't have to be made for each site.

• Makes available real-time support. What happens if something goes wrong with the site? The merchant needs support at all times in case anything causes the software to freeze up. A good ecommerce solution provides real-time support for any bugs so that the merchant can rest assured.

• Is accessible from anywhere. Since it is completely online, the merchant can access the site from anywhere in the world. You can view purchase details and even generate sales reports whenever you want, wherever you want.

Other features of ecommerce solutions include delivery options. A good ecommerce solution can provide tie ups with physical delivery companies so that a wide range of customers from all over can be catered to. In case of software purchases, even digital delivery options can be made available to the online consumer. Ecommerce solutions also allow the online merchant to keep a good contact database of clients. This enables you to alert clients of new products that are available and ensure that your old customers keep coming back.

Hopefully the sections above have contributed to your understanding of 5 Main Ecommerce Solutions To Help Today's Online Merchant. Share your new understanding about 5 Main Ecommerce Solutions To Help Today's Online Merchant with others. They'll thank you for it.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Enjoy the Ultimate Viewing Experience With the Digital Coaxial Cable

This interesting article addresses some of the key issues regarding Enjoy the Ultimate Viewing Experience With the Digital Coaxial Cable. A careful reading of this material could make a big difference in how you think about Enjoy the Ultimate Viewing Experience With the Digital Coaxial Cable.

The more authentic information about Enjoy the Ultimate Viewing Experience With the Digital Coaxial Cable you know, the more likely people are to consider you a Enjoy the Ultimate Viewing Experience With the Digital Coaxial Cable expert. Read on for even more Enjoy the Ultimate Viewing Experience With the Digital Coaxial Cable facts that you can share.

Here are some specifications for the new digital coaxial cable on the market. These cables are similar to the standard RCA analog cables. These cable are thicker than the RCA cables and are shielded just like regular cable TV coaxial cables. Outside signals' interference is minimized with greater shielding. They have a larger bandwidth than a normal RCA cable as well. For a digital cable that you can afford and that delivers the best sound, coaxial digital cables are a very attractive choice.

The fact that their electrical and physical characteristics are different, make it important to select the correct type of cable to suit the application.

Optimal performance for all components. This cable provides the highest quality and best connection for transferring audio signals between components.

Enjoy better audio quality

• High quality digital coaxial cable for great signal transfer
• Split center pin for better signal transfer
• Protects against signal loss
• 100% aluminum shielding
• copper mesh shielding
• Dielectric foam polyethylene (FPE)
• Easy installation
• Color-coded connectors for instant recognition
• Anti-slip ergonomic grip for easy use
• Plug and play for easy use
• Enjoy extended durability
• durable brass coating durability
• Cases super folding extraordinary flexibility
• significant reduction of wear metal


- High quality digital coaxial cable provides great signal transfer, using digital technology.
- Central split pin allows a better signal transfer and an improved connection to the input components.
- This aluminum coating prevents electromagnetic interference for improving signal quality.
- This protective layer of copper blocks radio frequency interference for improved signal quality.
- Polyethylene foam dielectric (FPE) is a superior insulation material that protects against loss of signal.
- Color-coded connectors facilitate the installation of the cable into the correct inputs and outputs
- This grip that doesn't slip makes connecting your components easy and ergonomically comfortable.
- Plug and play offers easy installation of components without time-consuming installations.
- Durable brass shell protects the internal connection of the cable. It ensures durability and reliability of connection.
- Super pliable PVC housings are abrasion resistant to provide excellent flexibility and protection against daily wear.
- Composed entirely of metal connector ensures extended durability by preventing deterioration during utilization and installation.

First of all, you'll certainly notice that the new digital coaxial cable a bit more expensive than other no-name cables... Because you're dealing with a known well, thicker and shielded cable, a digital coaxial cable costs quite a bit more than what you're used to paying for a standard RCA cable.

However, quality comes first. You deserve the best there is. Pay a little more money, but have the best quality you can find.

There are numerous digital coaxial cables out there, but you just need to choose the right one for the best vision. Spoil yourself a bit with the new digital coaxial cable.

That's the latest from the Enjoy the Ultimate Viewing Experience With the Digital Coaxial Cable authorities. Once you're familiar with these ideas, you'll be ready to move to the next level.