Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Saints Country

After the devastation Hurricane Katrina left on New Orleans years ago, my husband and I had spent many months in the region helping re build. It had all been a labor of love and we found ourselves falling deeply for the city and its people. After some time, we decided to find a home to rent so we could spend more time there helping out and vacationing. I was more than pleased with our tiny little 2 bedroom bungalow and found ways to make it feel like home away from home. I contacted New Orleans Satellite TV and got a great package to help us kick back and unwind after a full day of either helping out or soaking up the culture. It is so nice having a place like this to call our own and I could see us easily making this a permanent home for us in the years to come. We’ve made so many friends and we feel it was our calling to come and help when so many people needed it. It feels like a true blessing came from such a terrible act of nature. We found our calling and we found a city that we love more and more everyday.

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