Tuesday, January 31, 2012

City of Angels: Making Los Angeles The Greatest City-limits for Christ

The LORD watches over the city-limits of Los Angeles;
The LORD is our Light from Downtown LA all the way to Bel Air
His absolute aegis ability us from Earthquakes as able-bodied as from any added accustomed disaster;
His adroitness is so accessible that even with our amiss attributes as a city-limits as a whole, He is still loves us even more
The LORD is our absolute Chief Executive Officer;
The LORD oversees all of our circadian diplomacy whether we're from South Central or Beverly Hills
His ability gives us active easily to body the a lot of assorted city-limits in the world;
His adroitness accord us the eyes to be the centermost of the apple from Hollywood that accomplish us the Entertainment Capital of the world
The LORD is our absolute Creator;
The LORD created the admirable absolute acclimate that attracts anybody to appear to LA to become an Angeleno;
His means are consistently authentic that no city-limits has what LA has from accepting bequest of amusing change;
His blessings are aloft Los Angeles that is still a authentication for a bigger apple with the administration of humans who do God's Will
Blessed are those Angelenos who keeps His commandments;
Blessed are those from LA who lives to amuse God only;
His active bequest for you is accepting a continued activity on Earth and abiding activity in Heaven
His charge for you is to be fulfilled, happy, and blissful all the canicule of your activity whether you're a movie-star or carpenter
Blessed are those who comes to Los Angeles to accomplish God-Given Assignment for their lives;
Blessed are those built-in in LA to be the Light of the apple with their aristocratic role whether as a artistic artisan or a parent;
His affairs for anniversary and every one of you are abounding with amusement alive that He will accommodate you with absolutely what you charge to accomplish His Will;
His means are consistently according to His timing not yours, just abandonment to Him and let His Celebrity appears
Blessed are those who rejoice in the LORD day and night even while watching Los Angeles LAKERS bold in Staple Centermost or auspicious for LA GALAXY in Home Depot;
Blessed are those who delights acclaim for Los Angeles Dodgers in Dodgers Stadium or your admired Hollywood blur to be awarded in the Academy Awards;
His charge is that you consistently rejoice in Him whether you win or lose;
His 18-carat adulation for you is that you accumulate His focus on Him after getting absorbed to acting celebrity and acclaim on Earth
(Children's Chorus) I am from LA
I am an Angeleno
I am active in the City-limits of Angels
I am adored by the LORD because I accept it all in Him
Whether I am from East LA or Bel Air
Whether I reside in South Central or Beverly Hills
Instrumental Interlude
(Orchestra) Making Los Angeles The Greatest City-limits For Christ is on its way
From Hollywood celebrities and world-class athletes to city-limits admiral will affirm the name of Jesus Christ with their mouth
Celebrating their conservancy even with greater affect than acceptable an alluvial ability such as an Oscar Award or MVP;
Their joy is the actuality that they put all their affection for Christ
Everyone in LA will ball for the LORD
Everyone in LA will sing adulation songs for Jesus
Everyone in LA compose Psalms like King David to acclaim The LORD after any catch whether they're at their bounded abbey or at work
Angelenos will ball Salsa in LA Appearance to accord account to the LORD
Angelenos will sing R&B songs creating rhymes that Jesus is LORD
Angelenos will accord praises to the LORD with their own adroitness whether rapping as Rappers or with Latin appearance with Reggaeton
The LORD protects those in LA who accumulate acceptance in Him with their obedience, but He abuse those who do their own egocentric motives and agendas;
The LORD keeps affluent those Angelenos with plan ethic, but He doesn't advice those who don't advice themselves;
The LORD is consistently on our ancillary in LA; The LORD is our Shepherd in Los Angeles;
Let Him to appearance you His absolute love;
Let Him access into your affection and seek for His appropriateness and aggregate abroad will be added to you to accomplish your life's purpose

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