Sunday, February 5, 2012

Locks and Structural Bolts For External Doors

Bolts can be used to provide additional security on external doors suitable for the top and bottom of the door. The trunk, padbolts and tower structural bolts can be screwed into the surface facing the door. Each of them has a long bolt that is usually fired staples (metal ring) is attached to the doorjamb. Always choose a structural bolts with a screw and a heavy core length. In addition, the shutter can be fired at the threshold or on the floor or door frame.

No bolts or key controlled locking and can therefore be easily reversed if access is possible. If you want to use an outside window, select padbolt - this can be achieved with the help of the castle.

Flush bolts of the same tower bolt and barrel - is that they shoot structural bolts to the frame and the lock - but they are designed for mortised in the edge or the front door. This makes them particularly suitable for double doors or where a hidden installation is not required.

You can get the key management of the bolts are installed at the front door, but the best choice for a normal door bolts slot rack.

For double doors that open out ¬ ward, suitable tie-rack box can be difficult and there is a special type of lock bolts are installed on the inner surface of the door and shoot the subject bolts installed at the bottom of the door frame. Encouraged to cover the key: the key needed to open it.

Since the lock is working from the inside, they do not have as many different keys as the key external doors.

Mortice rack bolts
This can be mortised on the edge of a wooden door and must be set so that the key on his face. They are invisible when installed, and will be with some effort. Bolt is controlled by a key and entered striker plate mortised into the door frame. Each model usually has a universal key only. Some rack mortise bolts can be opened without a key should not be used in addition to the glass.

You must comply with mortise boxes stand for the top and bottom of the door: in the French windows, includes not only two of the four-leaf cover. To do this, cut a notch on the edge of the door is similar to that described for Fit ¬ eniya mortise deadlock, but in this case, the hole for the lock shall not be drilled through the door.

This can be used with a hook and the main (together often referred to as the prohibition lock) to lock the garden shed, garage and so on. This hook is equipped with a door or gate and head into the frame. Closed locking together the two. Choose a heavy overhead, and the main mounting screws are hidden when the castle on the site. With the help of the castle, which has a ring closeshackle (chain) near the lock body.

Other security devices for doors
Hinge bolts (sometimes called a bolt dog). It provides protection against pressure (or deleting) a wooden door from its hinges, in particular, the doors open outwards. Bolts in the striker plate when the door is closed. They must be installed at the top and bottom of the door, the lid with hinges. Bolts are usually, mortised in the edge of the hinge, but perhaps for surface mounting. Fold in the frame of the striking plate of the same mortise lock.

Door chains
This prevents the door open for more than a small number (chain length about 200 mm). The door limiter performs the same function, but it will not provide more limited protection, especially when the door is partially open. For full protection, locking the door of the bar is not required.

When installing the chains of the door, close to the center position of the doors and close to the edges to avoid marking the door when opened. A simple definition of the actual receipt of the chain plates and doors must be bolted to the framework of the chain plate.

Door viewers
This allows you to watch   door without opening it. Different models have different angles - usually from 150 to 175 degrees. Choose one with a wide viewing angle possible. Some models are designed to fit different door thicknesses.

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